El Barrilito de Oro (Gold Barrel) was born in 2015 as a contest for local home brewers, backed by the United States Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP), and with the participation of international judges. However, in its next edition (2019), and thanks to the enormous boom enjoyed by craft beer in Latin America and the closeness reached between colleagues and beer guilds from different countries of the world, we have decided to raise the competition to the professional level.

We want to turn Panama into a major beer destination in America where the best craft breweries in the world converge and compete, including our local exhibitors. Show the public the high quality and greatness of the craft beer globally, as well as the beer culture and responsible consumption that it promotes.

El Barrilito de Oro is the first Gran Cervecera Cup (Great Beer Cup) in Panama, which marks a before and after in the local brewing guild, opening an incomparable opportunity to position Panama on the international beer map and to strengthen the ties of fraternity among professionals of this dynamic and challenging industry.